So no more IFL in Portland?

Is this correct? Next season there will be no more shows in Portland? What about Seattle? None there either?

Fuck, fuckity, fuck.

No Portland on their 2007 schedule.

Yeah it came as a shock to me too.

I don't see why they would avoid cities where they have teams. Makes no sense =(


No but I'm moving to Portland and have been looking forward to attending the IFLs there in the coming year =(

awesome.. a show in altanta...

nm...i looked it up.

Well that's cool about WA.

Obviously I caught the Portland shows on TV, and I thought it looked like a great crowd and show.

I just think at minimum they need to have a show in every city with a team, every year. And preferably two or more shows.

"Actually, I see one of their shows in June will be in Everett, WA, which is about 1/2 hr from Seattle and 3 1/2 hrs from Portland."

Or twenty minutes from JNM! :)

I highly reccomend attending a live IFL if possible. More than worht it.