So now that UFC on Fox, are SF days numbered?

Now that the UFC is playing in the big leagues, it doesn't make any sense for them to keep the red-headed stepchild around. The best Strikeforce could hope for is to be used as some kind of a feeder league, but with the UFC running so many shows a year, do they even need one?

Me thinks the next SF show will be the last.

I would think so, but who knows. Not sure Fox would be happy with Zuffa/SF re-upping their deal with CBS/Showtime. Considering FX will be doing best of Pride and other shit maybe SF (if kept around) will go there after the Showtime deal is up

Who's to say Zuffa doesn't negotiate Strikeforce to be under the Fox umbrella?

business as usual

 "SF maybe sent to Spike after showtime deal elapses, to block Bellator from taking Spike spot?"

Might not be a good idea with the FTC attention they have been getting.

They are going fully mainstream now. 2012 and 2013 are going to probably be record years for Zuffa programming. Why would they keep a feeder around?

They are going to need the talent inside the UFC. UFC is going to be broadcasted as the NFL,NBA or NHL of MMA. It just wouldn't make sense funding this other organization unless it was an amateur league that wasn't broadcasted and they used it to bring guys into the Zuffa fold.

Get ready cause Bellator is probably next.

 Bellator and Spike need to make that TV deal or both them may go under.

Strikeforce on Spike makes sense but they would most certainly have to put on a clause that prevents counterprogramming

It was numbered before any of this happened.

No Heavyweight champion.

No Women's 145lb champion.

No Women's #1 contender.



 Strikeforce to Spike!

Strikeforce's days were numbered the moment Zuffa bought them. It will be dead by the end of 2012.