so rich beat lutter? still means crap!

noone wants to see rich-silva 3

he is in nomans land. he will never be champ in his weightclass as long as anderson is there.

plus? lutter was right. he did fight anderson better than rich.

It's true. Anderson Silva has no legitimate contenders. However the #2 position is still up in the air, making some great possible matchups.

Franklin - Hendo. Next TUF coaches. Please!

I still thought Franklyn looked like shit in this fight. Really slow. I would rather never see Lutter fight again, unless he starts taking the shit seriously.

lutters a chubbo huh?

Franklin did look terrible in this fight..the first round he was dominated and if it wasnt for lutter havign terrible cardio, he would have lost...Franklins striking and overall game just doesnt impress me at all..his cardio tonight wasnt that good either...

 Rich should not get another shot at Anderson unless he beats Henderson, Almeida and Marquardt in back-to-back fights. He's a good fighter but he has no shot at Silva.

i wanna see that^

Franklin could beat every MW UFC has and the way he was decimated, TWICE, makes me have zero interest in him fighting Anderson again.

Still, that doesnt mean he wouldn't be good for some rumbles. Hendo-Franklin would be interesting.

"Franklin - Hendo. Next TUF coaches. Please!"

Would be AWSOME!

Franklin vs Hendo is the greatest idea EVA

Rich didn't look good, but he didn't right after Silva beat him the first time either!

Maybe if some people realized Franklin grew up dirt poor he'd get more favorable treatment on here, from those that would look more kindly on that category. Right now he gets dumped on, in my opinion, for being educated and not being ignorant.

I know this may be a bit desperate, but in the old days in boxing it wasn't that rare for guys to fight more than twice. Heck I think La Motta and Sugar Ray fought 4 or 5 times.

I guess it comes down to whether the fans want to see it or not. 

those boxers fought like ten times a year though. A five fight series would be a career now.


If Rich beats Hendo you cant really deny him Silva

Franklin was obviously happy with the win, but nothing to be proud of imo.

Disappointing fight.

you must be blind.

he looked much more calculating and composed in this fight and allowed for his game plan to work. He defended very well with Lutter on the ground who is the better skilled on t he ground.

His cardio was on point and movement/feints were on point opening up some great spots for punches.

rich will never beat a silva.