So shocked and almost numb

Concerning the biggest fight in a long time getting scrapped. But I'm not upset because my admiration and respect for Max is completely overshadowing the loss of the fight.   

Max kinda has to bump up in everyone's favorite list after this decision to take the fight.   

I know max doesn't feel this way but from my view it's a win win situation. Everything that is said about Frankie and all the respect the entire world of mma give him, that's the legacy max is building up.   

This thread is for shouting out to one of the best champs any sport could hope for.  

Max Halloway !  

If Conor was ready why not let him?

I guess they want that big Russia fight

absolutesperry - 

If Conor was ready why not let him?

The amount of money Conor makes requires a lot of promotion.

If Max wins. Do you think Dana/wme makes UFC Hawaii?