so the world ends Friday 12 21 12

i'm buying moar bullets today friends.

what are your plans?

I LOL@ you pretending to buy ammo!

I has an extra $190 I could spend on some ;p


you must light her on fire to make the sacrifice complete. thk u

I just borrowed Sopranos Seasons 1-6

Just hunker down with the can foods and beer I've stocked up on and let as many people kill each other before I go out and kill as many as I can before one kills me. Phone Post

OGC tactical and HPD main station was bananas today.

Cop came in to OGC today and told the 40 people in line that they were going to be forced to ticket and tow cars blocking driveways.

Guys whose cars were about to be towed opted to stay in line than move their car.

Bananas!! Phone Post

world supposed to end at 11pm UTC = 1pm local.


False Boner.

Like Y2K Phone Post