So...this guy is Q

Only if you ignore fueling a war in Yemen …

“is Q a website or a person? I thought it was 4chan where different people contributed to it, kinda like Anonymous? Is that wrong? BTW I’m a big Trump fan.”

Q (probably Watkins) was a person (or a group of people) who posted “Q drops” that were supposedly inside info from the White House. But, they were pretty cryptic. So Qanon’ers would produce elaborate theories in order to explain what they really meant. Half the dumb shit Republicans have spread over the last two+ years was first brainstromed by Qanon or Q-adjacent places. Pretty much the entirety of the Christian Right has been Q-poisoned by now.

lol @Qcels

It was always going to be some 8chan loser.

Trumptards are so gullible.