so THIS is coming at you! what do you do?!

Kick it on the penis.

Ag fuck it, why not Phone Post 3.0

Think about baseball... and pull guard. (but don't ever give up your back!)

Do what he says Phone Post 3.0

I dump over her tub of protein shake mix and walk away why she's crying. Phone Post

If she's self-lubricating then she'd get a few inches. Phone Post

Clit Rip... Phone Post 3.0

MieshaTatesSideBoob - Clit Rip... Phone Post 3.0

Jebus you do jave a death wish.

I would clit massage? And cry like a baby. That thing would be at least 5 inches. Phone Post

That's fucking horrifying Phone Post 3.0

Prepare my anus

Introduce her to SisterSteel and hope for the best.... Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post


LOL@the gif.

Hide her fake tan and run Phone Post 3.0