So this is UFC 47 Card


Good card but I could do without the Shonie fight and I think Tiki is a waste of time. I would have much rather seen Tanner fight Lee Murray!!!

Should be a great show. TTT for my man Mike Brown getting his shot in the big show! Great job Mike!...Joe

You know what you get with Shonie. He does not disappoint. Glad to see him back.

I am looking forward to seeing Shonie fight again. I hope it is televised. The rest of the card looks good to me.

Looking forward to it.

Is that the official card or still a rumor?

Last I heard only three of those fights were actually signed.

I think there are a lot of hungry fighters on this show that can't afford to have a weak showing.....Going to be a lot of knockouts I think.....

If that's the card, I would do this:





Main Card:

1st: Sudo/Brown

2nd: Cabbage/Kyle

3rd: Franca/Edwards

4th: Tito/Chuck

5th: Sylvia/Arlovski

No way zuffa puts Lawler in a prelim, redskins fan.

Sudo/Brown goes to prelim status and Tito/Chuck is the main event.

That's just the way I would do it.

In my opinion, Lawler shouldn't be rewarded for his lacluster effort against Lytle. IMO, Lytle won that fight and the fight was dull because Lawler was constantly retreating. Sudo, on the other hand, always puts on a show - and in his fighting, not just posing.

Yeah, having Sudo in a prelim is a terrible idea. I'd rather keep the Lawler fight there or else put the Cabbage fight there.

Actually, since there's only 1 fight that is scheduled for 5, there should only be 2 prelims. At least that's the way they used to do it. I remember them switching it to 3 prelims the first time they had a double title fight.

Sudo in the prelims would suck big time. I think
Sudo is the most entertaining fighter out there. Win
or lose it's just an awesome event just to watch
him compete!

put cabbage/kyle in the prelims, not lawler/diaz

UFC Match



All i know is that he's down with Jorge Rivera's team.

TIKI will whoop lytle's ass!!!!!!!!

Still the rumored card, as like jscorbett offers, Wiezorek vs. Shipp is on 47.

Lytle is gonna KO Tiki

Adonis, Brown is with Team Elite which, as Silent pointed out, is Jorge Rivera's team. Keith Rockel is a cornerstone of Team Elite as well.

Watch for him--you will not be disappointed. Some of us have been holding our breath for a long time to see this one. He is as deserving of a shot as anyone. In ability and attitude he is a dream-come-true for the sport, and all of his fans back home couldn't be happier that he's finally getting a chance to strut his stuff in the big show.

ttt for Brown.