So Vera to LHW then

Cause CroCop wont let him play in the HW sandbox.

No Bools here, Vera isnt close to this level yet

Lets see how he does against Tito

It's gonna marginalize Vera's marketability when CC explodes his liver.

No offense to Vera but a step down to LHW would prolly be best especially with such a dominant HW live Cro Cop there.

cc is going to show these HW's that they arent near as good as they think they are.

vera dropping to lhw would be the best thing for him and the a few more years it will get harder for him to drop to 205 than he could go back to hw.

Vera has looked pretty impressive to me so far. I haven't seen enough of him to know how he'd do against CC. Let them fight, forget about him moving to lhw. IMO he deserves a shot at Big Tim now.

Yep. I think CC and a bunch of fans are gonna find out the talent diff. isn't as big as what people think, just like the money diff. proved to be.

I don't know if Mirko will let himself get pressed up to the fence. There is a lot of room in there and Mirko's circling TD defence is awesome, not a knock to Vera, I just don't see the fight hitting the ground.