So Wanderlei Gets Booted But Josh Barnett....?

.... is still a UFC employee?

didn't that fool get busted 3x for juice?

He didnt get booted read interview. He is just out of the fight on 175 Phone Post 3.0

josh barnett spent a long time out of the ufc for his positive tests.

Fuckingnewb would be a much better screen name

This bullshit again? Phone Post 3.0

Not booted bitch. He's gonna boot himself with these licensing issues Phone Post 3.0

Donald Sterling Fan - he hasn't got booted, unless you have a source, you should have kept your silly question in one of the 15 other threads
Well said! Phone Post 3.0

Josh failed tests he took. Depending on who you believe, it seems like Silva refused to be tested. Had he tested positive he would probably get the slap on the wrist deal. Phone Post 3.0