So what do most fighters do after they retire?

I would think that the famous ones like Chuck Liddel would invest into a business or school and go from there.
Can anyone list what some fighters are doing?
Like Mark Coleman or Mark Kerr?

Kerr is a car salesman in AZ Phone Post 3.0

Cole Konrad - attorney at law Phone Post

Cole Conrad=Retired

I mean Corture- movies and commentary Phone Post

There is always pron

Or a 20 year holiday in a Moroccan prison

Coleman actually got fired from a store recently according to some thread here.

Usually they end up homeless meth junkies or Fox Sports 1 commentators.

2 chick's...... At the same time Phone Post

Isn't Goodridge lurking on the UG and writing books?

Hi Gary!

i'm selling cars and raising kids.... making better money than i ever did fighting.

Some move on to authoring prolific works of penship such as David Abbott, whose recent novel Bar Brawler was an insightful and gripping affair. An instant American classic.


Jackson_Junior - Where would a guy like Shogun or Mir, or Rich Franklin do if they retire. Or a guy like guida Phone Post 3.0
Franklin could always go back to teaching if he really wanted to Phone Post 3.0

Matt Riddle is smoking weed