So what fights are being discussed for UFC 290, July PPV?

Jones vs Stipe, Edwards vs Colby, Tony vs Lee II, what else?

The UFC does seem to try their best to stack (for casuals and hardcores) the July IFW PPV as much as any other during the year.

Its almost always one of the two or three biggest cards of the year. This is what they put together last year…

UFC 276 Quick Results

Jones v. Stipe
Volk v. Yair
Moreno v. Pantoja

Yan v. Garbrandt to kick off the main card

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Volk vs Yair would be a good title fight to have as co-main.

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I don’t want to see Tony vs Kevin 2.

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Nobody does

They hope Conor vs Michael

No way they put Conor on with a Jon and Colby title fight.

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0% chance Conman is ready by July

UFC still has to make the good fights official for the June PPV as well.

The April and May PPV’s look pretty average by current standards. Not bad at all. Really hoping they go all out on stacking this IFW PPV in July though.

UFC 287 Quick Card

UFC 288 Quick Card

Last year International Fight Week card sucked.

Hopefully we get Jones vs Stipe and Colby vs Leon in the same card.