So what happened to David Lemieux?

25 wins with 24 KO's, lost that title eliminator against Marco Antonio Rubio earlier this year and we haven't heard from him since?

Meanwhile Rubio fought two times, but not for a title yet. Has he been shafted?

Forgot to check boxrec first, apparantly Lemieux's scheduled to fight Joachim Alcine on the 10th of December for the WBC International middleweight title.

So it seems they're going to keep Lemieux away from credible opponents for now ...

I think I read he and Russ Anber split also. Apparently on friendly terms though.

That seems pretty significant, Anber and Lemieux seemingly always worked together.

I found some reading on it, interesting detail is that they worked with Sergio Martinez for a while before the split.

And Lemieux prefers partying over training, which seems logical as a 22 year old.

On working with Sergio Martinez and what went wrong in the Rubio fight:

Russ Anber on splitting with his pupil who he started training as a 9 year old:

Alcine did very well on enemy territory last weekend, Lemieux's career might be stifled from here on out.

First a ko loss to a fringe contender, then a decision to a faded ex champ. I know he's only 22, but I honestly don't know where he goes from here. Trop de femmes et poutine à mon avis. I would have thought the first loss would be the kick in ass he needed. Hopefully he can still acheive something and not end up as an opponent himself.

He needs to get with a good American trainer.

It's strange that he displays all those basic mistakes after working with Anber for so long (reaching, pulling straight back, being off balance after punching, no side stepping etc), but his main problem seemingly concerns opponents that won't go away eventhough they've felt his power.