So what happens with Pettis?

If he was supposed to fight the winner of Maynard/Edgar but that was a draw, what happens?

Does it hurt anything NOT getting him to a title fight right away?

Yeah, Maynard got his shot and couldn't get the job done. No need to screw Pettis out of his promised title shot.

Exactly. If they don't give him the shot now, they might as well just scrap it in all. It defeats the purpose of the fight in the first place.

grispi wanted to fight rather than wait for his title shot, turned out to being a dumb idea.

pettis could wait since the date of edgar/maynard 3 has yet to be determined.

No. that would be way too long.

Personally i don't think maynard earned a retry. Frankie is the champ, he retained the belt, it should now go to pettis, and maybe maynard next, but I think maynard should have to fight someone else and win to get back to frankie.

He should fight again inbetween. If he loses, well then maybe he wasn't ready in the first place. He's still only a young dude, but he needs a good win over a top-five calibre opponent to merit his shot so this is good for him imo.

Give Pettis the shot now as promised. What ever the out come Edgar fights Maynard immediately after to settle the draw. If Edgar is with out the belt and Maynard wins, he gets an instant title shot.

Btw if Edgar wins, they would still be tied. It would come down to a 4th fight.

i don't think Pettis should take a fight between this either. it's way too much to lose in a sport where anything can happen. this is a pivotal point in his career. While he might get back here if he loses, if he wins the result will be life changing.

Not worth risking on a meaningless fight.

He'll fight the winner of Maynard vs Edgar. So nothing has changed except the time line.

Unfortunately, it looks like pettis is going to have to wait for his shot now......and that sucks because i think he is pretty damn interesting to watch fight. Edgar is just boring to watch to me.....constant head movement and jabs galore a great MMA fight does not make. He's got o.k. boxing, that is better than most other MMA fighters boxing. But the only reason he's winning these fights at the top level is because the scoring system in MMA is still based on the boxing 10 point must system. That fight shouldn't have been a draw, and the only reason it was is an outdated system. But shit, i'm ranting off purpose now. I don't think Pettis deserves to wait, but that is just the way it's going to be. FML with these run on sentences.

 Pettis should fight Ken-Flo next instead.

Pettis should fight Phone Post

 what's going on in Dana's head right now. Is he going bonkers over this. I imagine this effects up coming cards he was putting together etc.

 Also, what about a Maynard/Henderson fight? Does that make any sense?

unless he is extremely confident why fight and risk the much bigger fight and payday.But this sport is for the confident .Tough call

 Under what reasoning would Maynard get the immediate rematch? I'm not understanding something.

it was a great fight and not settled ^^

They should give the next shot to Pettis and give Gray the option of waiting it out or fighting someone else. As long as Frankie doesn't get hurt (seems to stay pretty healthy) and beats pettis, the rematch could happen by the end of the year.

Dana has said Maynard IS getting the next shot. No two ways about it.

I'm glad because, as much as I like Pettis, in the mean time we should get to see him fight a legitimate top contender in the UFC. Stick him in there with KenFlo or Penn and see how he fares. If he beats them then he unequivocally deserves a title shot. If he doesn't, well then it shows he's not ready for the title yet anyway.

He's got time and many years ahead of him, he doesn't need it right now.