So what is strong anyway?

I was always told that if you could bench your own weight and squat about 100lbs. more than your weight that was strong is that still the marker of strength?

Strong is a relative term

"Strong is a relative term "

Unless, of course, you're talking about absolute strength. ;)

But yes, although being to concise to have said anything of importance, Todd is correct if i understand his meaning. Strength depends on the activity performed and the person performing it.


Definitely a relative term,

Compared to fatass slob on his couch shoveling fast food down his neck, I am superman.

In the gym I train at, I am seen as strong because I use free weights for squats, deadlifts, cleans, snatches etc.

If I walked into an average powerlifting or olympic lifting gym I would be seen as pretty weak compared to the people training there, I can only Bench my bodyweight and my Deadlift is only double my bodyweight.

If I walked into the Westside Barbell gym I would be imediately nicknamed Mr Punniverse.

My goals are one-arm chin and BW bent press, that is strong to me.

IMHO for the most part it is a waste of time to compare your strength to anyone but yourself. Are you getting stronger? If so then keep finding ways to do so.

There are so many factors to cause variance between individuals when it comes to strength, why worry if you can do what anyone else can do??


In MMA, I would say that being strong means that you are not easily overcome even when you are at a positional disadvantage. Watch the way certain fighters power out of arm bars or other submission attempts, or avoid a throw even if a strong wrestler has double underhooks or are impossible to sweep from the guard even if they lose a little balance. This type of strength is dificult to measure using conventional methods (i.e. max effort on powerlifts or olympic lifts) in the gym but you know it when you see it. However, I would guess that strong MMA athletes have potential to be very good on at least a few of the powerlifts or olympic lifts. I would also guess that there is somewhat of a correlation between an athletes performance on certain lifts (like power cleans and deadlifts) and mat strength.

Military Press: 1x (no legs FFS!)
Bench Press: 1.5x
Back squat ATG: 2x (all the way down)
DeadLift: 2.5x

Any guy that gets all of those is pretty much a monster imo. Not many guys would argue against those.

C&J bodyweight is a nice bench mark
Snatch bodyweight is a decent feat :)

15 long arm chins is a solid number also.


i can do deadlift 2.5x, I am just shy of bench press 1.5x. But i could get that in 2 months of work. I can do C&J with body weight and 15 long arm chins anytime.

So the only ones i'm missing on that list are the squat and military press strict. I need to add like 30 pounds to my press to get that one.

gokuryu then your pretty f0cking strong!


I'd say this is pretty fucking strong:

Finnish 19 year old Elmo Oksman clean & jerks twice his bodyweight, 200 kg (440 lbs).

Then again, the guy is rather buff for a 19 year old:

The kid is good for at least a 215Kg Clean easily. He had so much bar height on that thing!


crazy agressive lift

Bloodshart, if you round up your weight to 200, the lift goals you're talking about will match the bodyweight multiples.

lol @ WizzleTeats.

They aren't my rules :P