So what Jones lost

Does anyone really think Tarver is better than him? He got caught. It happens. Jones is often far too cocky/relaxed in the ring. I think he they fight again Jones will take it more seriously and school him.

RJJ is better than Tarver

I agree...and I also think he should...just like I think Lewis should also fight Vitali again...

tarver will win again

I've been hearing a somewhat good excuse/conspiracy type theory on the fight. The only way for him to secure a huge payday is to come back from a loss and avenge it or fight maybe Tyson or a Klitschko. He may have chosen the first one. It's a decent theory if you think about it. I seriously doubt in Roy's heart of hearts that he thinks he could beat any of those 3 heavies, well maybe Vlad now, so the drama of a comeback win from a bad KO could generate his biggest payday to date without risking his life. Imagine if Tyson's left "caught" Roy on Saturday, ouch. They'd still be lookin' for his head, no disrespect. I'm not a boxing expert, so please destroy the theory at will, it's not really my invention.

I dont see how he didnt beat him fairly the first time, but reguardless.
It is time to move on.
But one quick note.

Where ODH had great timing in his career, maybe this just shows what
crapy timing that RJJ had. In RJJ career there hasnt been to much that
would get the guy excited. Griffen the second time, Toney and Ruiz.
Finally now, at the end of his career, and after his fight with a
heavywieght he final seems to have his rival. Someone to have a trio of
fights with.

lol at the roy defenders. Tarver arguably won their first match, and then knocked roy fucking senseless in the second fight without breaking a sweat.

jones will never beat tarver, and tarver right now is a better fighter plain and simple.

tarver should fight tyson/vitali now instead of Jones.