So whats everyone doing Aug 4th?

me? oh nothing, just fighting in the UFC on FOX card thats all

God bless you Phone Post

Good luck Phone Post

 Best of luck!!!!

 Wow, good luck!!!!!!

I enjoyed it the last time I saw you fight on teh Tachi card!

Congrats, thats awesome. This fox card is awesome Phone Post

Rooting for your Useless ass... Lol... Congrats! Phone Post


No plans yet.Probably just stay home and watch some motocross racing & have a BB-Q.Be sure and checkout Ryan Dungeys new 2012 KTM if you get a chance.Hes pretty much wrapped up the 2012 championship.


Gl man Phone Post


Bang bang skeet skeet! Phone Post

Dungey's bike uses Del West valves, the stock bore-and-stroke and stock head (although ported). The cam timing has been changed (with the help of cams from the KTM factory). The team can choose between a stock ignition that has been reprogrammed or a GET ignition. The bore is slightly smaller (95mm compared to 97mm) and the stroke is longer 63mm versus 60.8). The exhaust system is from Akrapovic and has a bung on the head pipe for an oxygen sensor.


I'll be there watching Phone Post

Do you have a highlight vid you can link to familiarize us with your style? Good luck!

Oh shit... this is awkward... doing my hair that day actually.

holy shit congrats

Awesome!!! Congrats man!!
WAR USELESS!!!!! Phone Post

useless - me? oh nothing, just fighting in the UFC on FOX card thats all


its my bday!!!

and ive wanted to see 2 of my favs shogun and vera throw down forever!!!

might make some lobster too

fired up