so whats up

 Just a quick one to say hi to the ug, Dont post very often, but I do have a read from time to time.

Training for my fight with Akiyama has got off to a great start and Im looking forward to the fight.

Thanks to the guys who support me on here, all 3 of ya, the rest of you can kiss it!

 (Im only joking before you all start)

hoooooooooooollly shit

some of the posters here just creamed their pants...

Hey budddddy!


I liek you becuz u r Engrich

Good luck. Looking forward to seeing the fight. Phone Post


Akiyama has nothing for you Bisping.Do your thing.

 Akiyama's going to hug me to death, LMAO.

 I'm rooting for Akiyama, but, thanks for supporting the UG!

TTT for Mike

Good luck with your fight

Bloody Hell.

I need at least 2 posts on the first page of this thread. I've changed my mind Mr. Bisping, you're an okay dude! YEah!

i'm a fan. the only way for you to get the rest of the UG on your side is to fight in japan and/or smoke pot

Knock sexys spray tan off his dome mike!

 the count!

GodSaveTheQueen - Bisping is the future Champ. Chael wouldn't last 2 rounds.

TTT for future Cage Rage champ.. lol

SociallyPublish -  Do you remember the night you fought Dan Henderson?

lol! you should be a journalist!

Good luck against akiyama. Hope the training is going well

Enjoyed the ass whoopin' you put on Miller. Good luck against that Koreaneese guy.