So when you see THIS on a Subway

What do you do or say?



I get raging boner and straight up ask for her number providing she look 18+. I might get shot down but ill def make her laugh before im done trying


nice fart


Nice pooper. Phone Post 3.0

tomomi motozawa    is her

Nice Phone Post 3.0

I was at tilted kilt and could see one of the waitresses cheeks and she wasn't even bending over. Little thong booty. Phone Post 3.0

No homo, but the overhang here is a bit much to me. Yes, motorboat in a second. Just not in my 100%perfect range. Preference thing. Phone Post 3.0


Is that the wind or did she fart? Phone Post 3.0

Fucking in! Phone Post 3.0

probably take a few pics then go jack off in the bathroom at work. unless the subway isnt too crowded

ttt for research after Fight Night Japan... Phone Post 3.0

I would get off at her stop. Follow her for minutes on end, until she eventually turns around and I see her face and herpes on her lip.

Then I'd just walk away... Debating why I didn't ask for her number. Phone Post 3.0

ranier wolfcastle - 

tomomi motozawa    is her

In for research Phone Post 3.0

ranier wolfcastle -

tomomi motozawa    is her

Researching for confirmation.. I'll be back with results. Phone Post 3.0

Insert goat lick gif here.