So where is Michael Moore, Bernie, and crew

Now that it is showcased for the entire world how epically bad conditions are in Cuba and how desperately the Cubans hate socialism, where is Mr. Cuban Medicine is Awesome? Has fatass Moore chimed in to brag about all that awesome literacy? I may have missed it but he has been remarkably quiet for some reason.


Too busy capitalizing on the derpness of their supporters.


It’s funny, when the agenda doesn’t suit them POS like Moore to start criticizing other things to defend them like guns that people used to defend themselves or freedom and rights

You don’t think the US/Israeli embargo has anything to do with the current state in Cuba?

Supporting an authoritarian regime and praising rates of literacy or quality of healthcare are different things.

If you’re not a hoople incapable of nuance, of course.

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Socialism cant survive without free trade with capitalist countries LOL LOL LOL

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Bernie is and always was a con man. He literally just steals money from retards just like that fake black white idiot. Anybody supporting him deserves to be poor.

Why would they need us?

How would the US contribute to the prosperity of Cuba?

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Cuba is not representative of what the Bern espouses. He believes in democracy for starters lol

Nordic socialist countries are a better example. They are democratic and have a free market.

They’re blaming lack of access to capitalism for the failures of Cuban communism.

Funny since he’s espoused the glories of Cuba, and Venezuela on multiple occasions in the past. Saying they’re more representative of the American dream and they provide greater equality than the US. Wealth inequality as he loves to lecture about is meaningless what matters is poverty levels, average income, and standard of living.

Cuba before Castro had the highest literacy rate in Caribbean/Latin American countries but sure give credit to Castro.

If only communist dictators were able to exploit capitalist trade for their benefit the people would have more. And you think that’s an intelligent point?

Literacy rates are fine and dandy, but what they are allowed to read is the question.
State propaganda?Censorship in Cuba | Amnesty International

I didn’t give credit to Castro, Vin.

Yeah. I’m not supporting an authoritarian government.

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From the Cuban nationals that I’ve talked to, it’s a part of the problem, but not the main part. I think the IS should pull back on the embargo because it’s obvious that it just gives the useful idiots an excuse for the failures of socialism.

Not entirely a failure of socialism…

The Chinese communist party is approaching it’s 100 year anniversary, and in a place where they are arguably the largest superpower in the world, and undoubtedly on trajectory to be it in the future.

The market liberalization — which makes them in many senses only communist in name — has served them very well. Cuba came late to the game trying to open up their markets and allow private industry, and it may be too late.

& if you want your socialist state to be governed by one-party: you need China level of control, which Cuba has failed at as well, and maybe we’ll see China inevitably crumble too.

But I think a lot of us are looking at the decline of American democracy, and thinking the Chinese model isn’t destined for doom anymore.

You use hoople or hooplehead a lot. My great great grandmother used that word. Are you an old man? That word is not a powerful word. Its pretty dumb nowadays.

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