So where's this tutorial?

Says on my badges there is a tutorial but I cant find the fucker. I want to learn how to use my new super powers!



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@discobot start advanced tutorial

Fucker is broken. I get the part where it wants me to delete one of my posts. Well, that’s not possible. So the tutorial ends.

when you try to delete, and you get the error, reply to the discobot, and eventually it will tell you how to skip.

To start the basic tutorial it’s a message to @discobot with the subject of start tutorial.

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Here’s your fuckin tutorial…

Grab it all up under the balls. Bite the head, then throat the shaft.

Sorry, I had to make my first reply to you on the new forum a good one.

Seriously though, glad to see you made it over to the other side!

actually, you can say it anywhere, in a message, in a thread, etc.

and just type skip if you can’t do one of the tasks. he asks you to do a few things that i don’t think are activated.

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Oh, cool. Still figuring this all out. Appreciate the help.


yeah, me too. i actually went into the badges section and started trying to earn them. picked up a lot that way. the more i play around on this site, the more i really like it.


he didn’t state his pronouns but he’s too smart to be a she.


I always thought that was from the Three Amigos.

Mind sharing some tips:tricks?

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I want in on this, please.

Using the dark theme in settings is much easier to read

@RoeJogan will alert the user names he has a reply. Typing @ will bring up a menu of users.

: Will bring up a menu of emojis

You can quote a portion of a post by highlighting it and hitting “quote” to quote just that highlighted text.

The gear icon in the reply toolbox will let you

Black out
[/details] or blur spoilers. You can also create a poll in an individual post like this:

  • Roe Hogan is a homo
  • OP is a homo
  • EFM is a homo

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