So who do you want to win Miesha or Ronda?

Ronda Phone Post


Miesha!!!! Phone Post 3.0


Meisha didn't earn that spot, and I want to see Cat vs. Ronda.

Miesha definitely. I think getting beat (especially finished) would humble Ronda and maybe she would chill a little. Agreeing to do TUF was a bad idea for her in my opinion, although it's hyped the fight a lot.

Hopefully Ronda will be the emotional one going into this fight, and get sloppy. Phone Post 3.0

Ronda... Phone Post

Meisha. But I wouldn't put money on her to pull it off.

Honda. Miesha is a fake ass chick.

Ronda, don't like her, but if she armbars like 3 more chicks it's good for the sport. Phone Post 3.0

YouCantHandleMyRiddum - 

Honda. Miesha is a fake ass chick.

why is she fake?

Miesha already got demolished. I wanna see cat fight Ronda. Phone Post 3.0

Tate for being well rounded, and a decent person.

Miesha, easily.

I really don't like either of them, but I believe Ronda takes this again. Id like to see Miesha pull it off for the sake of humbling Ms. Rousey though Phone Post 3.0

Mineshaft winning would be interesting, I'm curious to hear the crowd when they walk out come fight time. Phone Post 3.0

*miesha Phone Post 3.0

Meisha Phone Post 3.0

dont care either way, but I think Ronda is going to fuck Meisha will be interesting to see how long RR holds, or how hard she cranks, the arm bar. Especially in light of what just happened with  Palhares..

I like both, guess I'll go with Ronda so we can see Cat vs Ronda next. If Tate wins I don't see her defending the belt whether she faces Cat or McMann next. Phone Post 3.0

YouCantHandleMyRiddum - 

Honda. Miesha is a fake ass chick.

That ass is REAL, and quality.