So who was impressed with Gardner?

I see alot of people suggestion different matchups involving Gardner. However, im wondering why since I was not impressed at all and don't see him ever having any sort of impact in MMA. This is not meant as fighter bashing, but his standup was horrid, and his ground and pound was very weak and uneffective...

so what can he do?.. basically push his opponent around and hope for a judges decision. Yoshida simply matched up very badly with him (since he has no standup)... but anyone with decent standup would reck Gardner IMO. And, odly enough, I think Yoshida has a better future then Gardner, even though he lost (since he actually has the tools to finish ppl). Gardner was able to avoid Yoshida's subs, but would have no chance of avoiding a decent strikers fists.

Again I don't want to bash Gardner and I respect him for trying, but I was just not impressed.

I was impressed. Would have likes to see some more throws and brutal ground and pound but it seems like he picked up Coutures style pretty well in the short amount of time he had. It didnt help that Yoshida basically held on the whole time.

Not too much, no.

Gardner = Next Pride HWY Champ. Watch out Fedor.

It would be interesting to see Rulon matched up against a striker - so we could see him use his takedowns and potential GNP.

One big cornfed country boy!

I wasn't that impressed, but it was his first fight and his opponent had lots of experience and skill. I think with his talent and size, there's no doubt he has tremendous potential. Time will tell.

ptm is correct, and I was impressed at his ability to stay focused and do pretty much everything right.

i was impressed

Mules apparently have really nasty jabs.

He had focus and stuck to his game plan, I was impressed as well.

Man he must have heavy hands. I think he could be a real stud! Somebody has to step up to Fedor!

"i was impressed...its easy to sit back here and talk about it..its another thing to do it..."

I completely agree. It was just my oppinion as to what i saw.

Also I agree with some people that have said that he stuck to his gameplan. He would probably act very differently against a striker. However I still feel he would not win. Im sure he could get the fight to the ground, but then what? I doubt he has many subs (so far), and he's ground and pound didn't seem very effective. Eventually the fight would be stood up again and he would be vulnarable once again (even more so since he would probably have less gas left). Thats how i personnally see it going.

Ofcourse theres no knowing untill it actually happens, thats just my oppinion from what ive seen so far. Maybe he'll prove me wrong! I actually hope he does well since he could be good for American MMA.

yoshida lost because gardner was too big too strong. P4P yoshida would have subbed him quick

So big and strong is all it takes to beat Yoshida? You think he'd lose to Waterman? Or how about Scott Ferrozzo, maybe he could make a comeback and beat Yoshida?

It's not just size and brawn - it's the fact that Rulon has skills and strategy to back up the size that made it difficult for Yoshida.

he did ok.....but if you put the 2 new big boys against eachother....hunt would kick his ass.

If by impressed you actually mean bored, then yes I was.

I'll give it to him...he did stick to his game plan but I really didn't find it very exciting.

very much so, the dude punches straight and very hard and fast, he has great stamina and very quick for a big man as evident by his sprawl vs yoshi...great addition to sport!

I think he did great on two months training.

I hope to see him back in Pride with more training.

at least he kept his hands up... unlike gabor (spelled correctly).

he didn't make any real mistakes against yoshida.

didn't get subbed.

I'd say he did just fine and I was impressed given that he had only a couple of months MMA training.