So who's gonna be nice

and post a free youtube instructional on the basic shrimp/snake move, and standing up in base

Funny you mention this, I just took a private the other day, when he asked if i had anything specific to ask about, I told him let's just roll and then i wanted him to break down my mistakes to the most fundamental aspect, he started with my bridges, then went to my shrimps.
I have been out for about 5 weeks with a injured mcl, so i have been doing tons of bridges on my own, sad thing is i was doing them in a manner that was ineffiecient. I was bridging to much over my shoulder, and when you have a lot of weight on you it makes it to hard as compared to bridging more or less over the trap area.
A nice little test is to lay flat on your back, have a partner get in a push-up position with his hands on your shoulders (basically n/s position), and bridge, it should be fairly easy to bridge even carrying all that weight on each shoulder.