So why no bread at all? Nutrition question

So as I continue reading posts and listening to fighters and coaches talking about cutting bread...
I'm pretty interested why bread is that bad for a diet.

Sure...carbs and stuff...but NO bread at all?
What is the benefit of it?

I'm also having a diet and already dropped 8kg...and it's hard to get to the goal with the last pounds.
So I'm thinking about banning bread, too.

So OG nutritionists, fighters...anyone...
What are the benefits for your body?
Why? And are there some replacing foods? Phone Post 3.0

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ttt for answers Phone Post 3.0

Maybe the better question is: what do you need bread for (as far as nutrition)?
Not energy. That's what fat is for. Phone Post 3.0

Doesn't bread just turn to sugar after you eat it? 

Gluten is the enemy!!!!

Americans would eat dirt if you told them it's a natural, healthy alternative to bread.

bread turns into sugar fast and doesn't carry much nutritional value.

bread, in many cases, is just a convenient wrapper/method of food delivery.

switched to having my tuna wraps in big leaves of romaine, actually like it better. I haven't given up bread, but i do acknowledge that it's mostly just filler and empty calories.

Bread often is loaded with salt and the gluten can react negatively with people.

I love bread but eat mainly gluten free just because bread makes me bloated. I don't know if it's inherently bad for everyone, just that my stomach is flatter when I don't eat it. The large amount of sodium also makes me retain water and again, makes me more bloated.

Oats, black rice and quinoa are my carb stables and it has worked well for me overall. Not saying it will for everyone, but when I cut bread and dairy from my diet I had fantastic results (with the right routine and proper diet of course). Phone Post 3.0

Depends on who you're asking.

Paleo crowd cuts it because they don't want to eat anything that they can't hunt or forage.

Low carb crowd cuts it because they are wanting to covert their bodies to burn fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates.

In general though you don't get much nutrition from it in exchange for the calories. Phone Post 3.0

NorthernHospitality -

Doesn't bread just turn to sugar after you eat it? 

That's my jizz, but you'd already no about that. Phone Post 3.0

Shit loads of salt and empty calories is the reason I avoid Phone Post 3.0

God I love bread.

I just ate at an expensive steak house which was known for their excellent in-house-baked sour dough bread. It was friggin' bread of the Gods, warm, chewy perfectly flavored inside and a thick slightly charred, complex crust that made you think it had just come out of a medieval oven by master bakers. As good as everything else in the meal was, the bread was probably the hi-light.

All that low-carb stuff that tells you to give up bread. Couldn't do it. No way. That's asking too much.

(I had to lose weight several years ago, but didn't need to cut out carbs/bread to do it, thank Christ).


If you don't eat bread, how can you have pb & j? Phone Post 3.0 Phone Post 3.0

I like bread....I may just cut back Phone Post 3.0

"bread" isn't innately bad. It generally has a low nutrient to calorie ratio. This is especially true if it isn't made from whole grains. If you're eating it, you're eating it simply for carbohydrates. If it is commercially made, it can have hidden sugars, fats, and mystery ingredients. Excessive sugar can fuck up your metabolism and insulin responsiveness.

On top of that most breads are made from gluten bad, wheat allergy bad...yada yada yada.

js138 - Whats an easy quick bread replacement? Usually I make toast with my eggs as a carb, but would love to cut it out. Phone Post 3.0
I put eggs on black rice. Sunny side up and then break the yolk over it to act as a sauce. Fast and easy meal. Phone Post 3.0

Musashi - The question should be, "Why bread at all?"

Not, "Why no bread at all?"

What if someone enjoys eating bread? What is the reason for them to completely enjoy a food that they enjoy? If their diet is balanced, eating some bread shouldn't throw their nutrition out of whack.

If were aren't suppose to eat bread then why is it a Food? Phone Post 3.0

Lots of calories for very little nutritive value.

It's tough to get over your addiction to it (at least for me), but if I can get away from shit carbs ( bread and pasta) for two weeks, I stop craving them.