So you gonna see Here comes the boom? Kevin James

Looks awesome, I can't wait to see it Phone Post

 Looking forward to it.

Been waiting for this!

MartialArtsMixed -
Tap In -  Going to see it but going to keep my expectations low. Not too impressed by zookeeper or paul blart

aww man zookepper is in my que for netflix next..

LoL Phone Post

WhereInTheWorldIsRicardoArona - It looks fucking horrible and the teacher becoming a fighter already happened in "Warrior" Phone Post

Oh STFU. Teacher becoming fighter happened in "Rich Franklin" before that. Yeah, I'll see it, shit looks funny. Phone Post


Hell yeah, I can't wait. Phone Post

I'll probably end up seeing it when I have time to kill but I don't expect very much from this movie. The warrior was an unexpectedly very good movie that didn't get a lot of promotion. Hopefully in the future we can get an mma movie out their with some star power. Phone Post

looks really bad. i'll catch it when it comes to netflix

Typically don't like Kevin James movies, but ill probably see this one , as it is relevant to my interests.

of course, if your any sort of mma fan I can't see how you don't watch it Phone Post  

I'm gonna watch it!

HendosTornMCL - if im healed, ill be there!

 shakes head

Check your PM's please

just saw the preview about 5 seconds ago for the first time... definitely seeing this!

Kevin James is hilarious.. then i saw Bas Rutten kick a ball into his face and knew i would be there

Hell yeah ! Phone Post

I'll see it based on the premise alone, nevermind that the trailer looks good anyway.

Of course...
Been waiting a while to see this. Phone Post

When's the estimated release date? Phone Post

Trailer was funny, def gonna see it