So you guys ran off cautionary? Petey has a sad.


She bought me a blue name before she left at least. For that, I will always love and support her. If I was her baby's daddy, I would keep definitely up with the payments.

I didn't know she was a long-time poster from the past. I just noticed somebody posting personal life stuff here. Didn't really read the threads in detail though. Kind of thought it was somebody messing around, but her posting style seemed familiar. But yeah, she's a real person that posts that kind of stuff. Can't really fault somebody for sharing when you know you're going to be judged by a bunch of knuckleheads. It's kind of brave actually. Nothing she posted was that bad.

We were the OG's power couple for a while. We had our ups and downs, but overall, we were and are, cool. I appreciated hearing what she was up to these days, and hope she keeps posting. If not, I wish her the best.



You're an 01er and you don't remember demoness?  For shame, Petey.  You dun been trolled, son.

"You're an 01er and you don't remember demoness? For shame, Petey. You dun been trolled, son."

Oh trust me, I remember Demoness. And the nights we had together.

Two young kids on the streets of the OG...

Mihow - Someone called it a melt down? Details? Phone Post 3.0


She posts shit. She proposes an opinion. If you don't agree with her opinion, you are a troll or just a basic piece of shit.

THEN she cries to mods about people being mean to her on the OG. The fucking OG, for chrissakes! What did she expect.

And then last night.......

Wow. What a night it was. Had her thinking I was OMA for a sec.

She went off about OMA last night about he wants to fuck her etc. and how all his "other" accounts were harassing her. Since the Kimo death troll, I guess he's famous and he's now on celebrity crime websites, because he's had a shit ton of legal trouble recently including a DUI. So she posted his mugshots, his court dates, and his home address. Complete batshit craziness.

Does OMA really post under alternate accounts. That would be pretty funny.

He's probably FartV.

Threads are gone.


PeteyWheatstraw - Does OMA really post under alternate accounts. That would be pretty funny.

He's probably FartV.

Would it surprise you, in the least, if he did?

"Would it surprise you, in the least, if he did?"

Kind of maybe, but I guess not. He seemed like he was intentionally getting froze/banned as a green namer, why come back undercover? Was giving him the benefit of the doubt and assuming he just got tired of this place.

He was in on the conference calling and all that "behind the scenes" shit though too I think. Those guys are deep-interwebs high-level participants. I don't get a lot of what they do or why they do it.

I LIKE PUSSY Phone Post 3.0

XIITT_rrefs -
Mihow - Someone called it a melt down? Details? Phone Post 3.0

She told Kirik to ban people who were messing with her and complained about how she deserves to be treated better because she had a near death experience. Phone Post

I had a near death experience reading that thread Phone Post 3.0

It was Chernobyl in a thread. I've been checking back hoping she posts again- Her psychotic break was very entertaining.

Change her sn to "The Real Plaxico Burress". Phone Post

I saw last nights thread and thought troll for sure...either way it was entertaining.

So what was the deal on that? That was a OMA account right? Phone Post

TTT for von doom Phone Post

Good riddance her and her stupid rants sucked. Phone Post 3.0

Thank god, hopefully no more "thinking of telling my husband i want to bang khal drogo before I leave him because I'm a successful business person, who is not crazy, and well capable of doing stuff outside the kitchen" threads. Phone Post

Jambo888 -

its probably for the best... without even a modicum of defense against the inevitable abuse here and there's no way she could survive. and that's two you've lost recently PWS, now that IDH is gone. people are going to start thinking you got the bad mojo or something. maybe kill a chicken and roll some bones.

What was IDH banned for? Phone Post