So you wanna train in Brazil?

I have been living in Brasil for the last 4 years. I have written a course on how to survive there especially for guys who want to train jiu jitsu. It would be very useful for anyone going for a week or a year +! A prerelease version is being offered right now to gain feedback. We are selling 20 on ebay and others at fight events on the weekends. I will give one away free to the person who sends me the best email on why "they want to train/live in Brazil". Email must be submitted by July 11th. send to . check out directfrombrazil ebay store too. thanks.

T T T will do

The ebay description gives a ton of info.

You cant buy a prostitute. Only rent. ..he he...



Im too much of a pussy anymore to train here in the states. Do you want me to die?

In 4 years I only had one real problem....and I do social work so Im always in the streets and the favelas. The reason I had the problem is I let my guard down and did something I knew better than. I talk about that in the to not be a "mark" and stay safe. What mistake I made and how to avoid the trouble. It is as safe as any other city...if you know the rules.

I was joking by the way. Good luck , thats a great idea. I was thinking the other day I would like to travel outside of the US but that it would be hard in another country that didnt speak englis. I was thinking it would be great if there were guides you could bye that would help you do what you wanted and know what to expect.

Very true...part of the reason I wrote the course. Covers language you wont find in any dictionary (related to jiu jitsu and slang), alot about training, but mostly about learning to sustain yourself and make the cultural adjustment. Definately shows you what to expect and how to make the most out of it! Thanks!

Already got some pretty good em coming....


Only 17 prerelease versions left online:

2 Sold
1 is going to be won by this contest
and 17 left.

Thanks for the help guys...keep em coming....

Any advice on how to pick up the hot Brazilian chicks with the big bootys?

Actually yes....that topic is covered in the course too. ;-)


I have gone twice and I can't say enough about it.

GO GO GO GO.....but I warn you might not come back.

Keep from being a "Mark"

Word to that man! My last vaca was spoiled by some suspect sh8t.

Brazil has many freedoms but those freedoms can get you if your not careful. My wife if Brazilian and is the only reason I don't live there. LOL

I need to read your book, would love to talk if you want at

Brazilain women are SOOO hot. I would train done there for that reason alone.

You have no clue!

They do kickboxing with MMA gloves on a wooden floor with nails and splinters. NO JOKE

More people train, more people do JJ, more people fight.

Most of the gyms are crude but all you need is bodies and a mat.

Go then act like you know what your talking about.

I actually like the idea of crude gyms. A fighting gym, whether it be Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, etc... should have a sense of ruggedness to it. Most Americans what a 5 star health club.

Are the girls there as hot as people make them out to be, or is it more myth? Cause they seem to produce their share of beautiful women.