So you want some 50x gains? ALTcoins!

Whos in on OMI?

I’ve had some good luck with XLM the last month. It’s about to reach an ATH.

Anyone know why Ada has jumped this morning? Up over 10 cents ($1.33) out of nowhere. I have a few hundred, so noticed the bump.

Was listening to Data Dash… LTC is in a range vs BTC and ETH were it has historically outperformed them by 3x to 5x in the short term. Good chance LTC pumps big here, based on history. Now if it does not, that likely indicates LTC is going nowhere this cycle. Just saying, Data Dash knows his stuff and thinks LTC outperforming BTC and ETH here is likely. If ya do get a huge pump in LTC though I’d put that money right back to stable coin, cash, BTC, ETH etc… just my opinion.

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anyone looking at TRX

Thoughts on Anker anyone?

Thanks for the tip , when you say short term how long do you mean? I’ve only been investing in cryptos a few months and after trying to catch on to the dogecoins before their dumped I decided I was only looking for long term investments but if theres a chance to get in on something over a few months then reinvest like you say then I’d give it a whirl

where has the ethereum thread gone?

GOOOOOO ANKR GOOOOOO!!! This is a big percentage gainer for me.
BAT has given me about 100% but it was a small purchase.

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BAT went to 1.5x for me in the middle of the night and back down to 1x… missed a payout opportunity. ANKR is slow playing… I’m riding it for awhile. ENJ did the same late night BS… could’ve taken out initial investment…
Hard to catch these calls on coinbase… I’m probably going to have to switch to Bybit… so I can set some ins and outs and let the program do it for me.
Anyone else gain that way?
Good experiences? Bad ones?

Many aren’t seeing BAT for what it can be. Unlike all other crypto projects, BAT is gaining mass adoption very quickly. The Brave browser gained 3.6 Million users last month and 29 million users total.

Brave is buying nearly $1 million in BAT/month to deploy ads and pay users for their attention. As users grow (at a pace of 10% a month) ads can be more niche/diverse and that $1 million in ad spend can grow very quickly creating a near permanent upward buy pressure.
They expect to be over 50 million users EOY

check here for state:

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Any reason BAT is doing badly the last day or so when most others are doing really well? Tempted to buy some tomorrow

BAT reached it’s all time high yesterday at $1.65 and some are getting out. But with the user growth and certain announcements on the way, I see a lot more upside coming.

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I got in BAT after seeing the interview with Lex Friedman and one of the main Brave guys. I really liked his take on internet and can see it gaining and gaining. And the coins were priced great at the time.

Go ADA Go!!!


What about algorand? Any opinions on it?

Most people have a core BTC position they don’t touch and I’m no expert on swing trading in and out of alts vs BTC but was just repeating what Data Dash was saying. Lets say someone like him has 1% of their portfolio in LTC prior to it becoming historically very very cheap vs BTC, maybe he increases his position to 3% of the portfolio in LTC at the low. I don’t think there is a hard rule on when to reduce that LTC position. Some might do it after it does 2x, those who want to gamble more might do it after it does 6x. Some will scale in and out of alt positions to decrease risk.


ADA is jumping. Time to make some good little cash outs if you play that way gents. I think I’m holding tight for a little bit…

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