So you want some 50x gains? ALTcoins!

I’m in for the long haul with ADA. Would be thrilled with $20 eventually.


Just from listening to Charles Hoskinson and his mentality towards what he is trying to accomplish, that’s my attitude, too. When the CEO of a company, says multiple times he cares about the service he provides and not the price, you know it’s not a pump and dump.


Likewise. I have a few thousand ADA and am hodling. Got in at .89 and am along for the ride.

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What do you think about XDC token? And where can I buy it? I’m still struggling to find places to buy these small coins. It’s not on many of the big exchanges.

This is encouraging.

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Can somebody help me out? I have most of my crypto on my Ledger Nano X, except for the ADA. I want to get the ADA off of The exchanges and onto my Ledger. I would also like to stake my ADA on the Yoroi app from my Ledger nano X via Bluetooth/ all from my phone. I’m just having a hard time figuring out the process of linking the Yoroi app and the Nano x. I’m also having difficulty understanding where the keys reside and how to choose which stake pool to delegate to. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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He’s doing it from a computer.

What’s the best alternative coins on robinhood and coinbase?

Uhh Doge On Robinhood obviously.

I bought at a penny, now at 39 cents.

Might be risky now though, it’s a joke coin.

I have doge, wondering if there’s any reason to get either app to get any cryptos worthwhile

Been buying chainlink. Its been performing very well. Hopefully stays like that for a while before the crash. And I will buy more then lol.

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Fuck Robinhood. I’d be pissed as fuck if I’d been one of the many trying to move their crypto during this most recent crash. I saw a headline about regulators trying to get them banned.

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So when do we get out of dodge? No pun intended. I am seeing good gains so far in the $200 I invested

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Great post

Doge is a 100% pump and dump. Evaluate your risks and sell where comfortable. I’ve sold doge for profits 3x’s now. Sell for a nice profit to fund your re-entry on the next dump.

Does anyone know If you buy into one crypto and you use the gains(if there are any) to buy another crypto, do you have to pay taxes on that?