So you want to be a Pro Wrestler?

Haven't seen a post on this yet, but former professional wrestler and Toughman champion Hardbody Harrison seems to have run quite an unorthodox training center out of his home outside of Atlanta.   Maybe TUF can get some ideas from him...



not really

lol at "cut parties"! Is that now street for gangbang?

Did the ladies get the biscuit cutter or the pork chop?

When is Hardbody going to fight Sean O' Grady? I wish O' Grady would have popped him one of those times Hardbody mouthed off.

Remember when Bob Sapp rabbit punched the hell out of The Fridge?

ttt for "HB Training"

Used to love that show!

You don't want to get hit with the "Hambone" or the "Biscuit Cutter"

Holy shit, everyone read that article, THAT my friends, is how you pimp.