Soa vs Bruce Lee

How do you guys think these two legends of the martial arts world would square up? I see a quick Soa takedown, followed by an eye-gouge and reversal from Lee. Then I expect they'd spring up, jump through the air towards each other and clash fists before flying backwards in a huge shockwave like in the Matrix.

At the end they'd be friends and team up to fight evil.


It has to be more Soa comes in for the takedown but Lee strikes with the most powerfull roundhouse, before turning into a tiger aka xmen style! Soa hands break out in Freddy Kruger fingers and slices Lees chest (just like in the movie!)

Fuck the fighting evil stuff (we don't train to be mercyfull here!)


Soa by GnP R1 0:36.

Bruce Lee by the usual faster than lightning single punch followed by a guttural sound (very much like a cat on heat) emanating from his throat as he stares at all the other fighters that are surrounding him.
I've seen him do it so don't diss me.

law in tekken?? pffffftt! dont you know that the character to be is eddie with his deadly capoeira! nobody can stand up to the chad skeeva... hey capoeira, hey capoeira!! *clap clap clap*