Soa vs Perosh

Why waste time with Bonello vs Perosh or Bonello vs blah blah blah.......are these guys the best heavyweights in Aus?

With Anthony being such a willing competitor, why not take on the man the Foki brothers didn't want.

I beleive Soa's ready to go (anyone). Be nice if these two could get rewarded appropriately for the work they put in.

Both have international aspirations so would be great experience for everyone.

That idea gets 2 enthusiastic thumbs up from me!

isnt soa a bit heavy for anythony ?

Anthony would be giving up 30kgs...Thats a little bit much...

Soa in his last fight was 127, Anthony was 97 at Spartans.

I agree. Soa's mass vs Anth's skillz... wtf knows how it would turn out??

Soa v Tony Bonello....

I know it isnt fair... Tony being the most dangerous man in the world and all that...

It's Anthony's division, you need not be too concerned for Anthony.

Tony Soa's rep,mmmm???? Do you mean Tony does Soa's paperwork?

nishimon what do you mean by its Anthonys division?

If Soa could cut to 120 and Perosh stayed at 97 they would be same devision using UFC weight class(same as XFC use) Thats why the Soa vs a Foki was a viable fight also.

But wouldn't they be different weights in KOTC, a organisation Soa is ranked 2nd in?

yea if he fights heavier then 120 he would be. If he could cut to 120kg they would be same division. HW is under 265lbs.

Soa is a fatty boomsticks-He could make the weight class if only he was prepared to give up those tim- tam suppositories that he's so fond of.

Anything in the rumour that Soa is fighting KOTC soon? WHose the opponent?

Rumour has it that Steven Seagall has agreed to fight Soa...

But Soa is not available till he finishes his guest appearance on "queer as folk"

One would think he would be fighting in KOTC soon as hes now ranked No2! Whouldn't he?

But then again one might have thought he already had fought in KOTC to be ranked No2.

I really have no idea how it all works. :(

Fatty fatty fat fat.

Anthony probably won't be fighting Soa anytime soon. Anthony fights at under 100kg when the division is available (Spartan). If he fights in an organisation that uses NJ/Nevada weight classes, then he will cut to 205lbs (93kg). I can't see Soa making either of those weights. Of course, anything could happen and things do always change.


Looks like Sao because of his weight will be fighting internationl fighters from here on.