sober fighters?

I was wondering which fighters dont drink or do drugs. Anderson Silva comes to mind. Aleks E maybe?

 Not Junie

i guess i already knew the only 2

I'd be willing to bet most all the top fighters in every major organization are pretty straight edge for the most part.

I've been sober since shortly after breaking my jaw in my victory over Marlon Mathais on ShoXC on March 21st of this year.


i've drank maybe twice in the past 9months

I know Eliot Marshall doesnt drink or do drugs

funny cause he worked in a bar for like the last 7 years

what - as the saying goes "never trust a man who doesnt drink"


 I have never ever tried a drug or ever been drunk. seriously!

depends on your definition of sober/straight edge.

i'm sure there are quite a few top guys who take some pain medication a little too much sometimes.

Joe Lauzon has said that he does not drink.

I was alot more fun when I partied, at least that's what my dealer says


not exactly active but royce has said that he doesn't drink/do drugs.

Royce pissed hot recently.

what - as the saying goes "never trust a man who doesnt drink"


Alcohol and Drugs are the plague that will destroy our culture and future.

Say no to drugs, just smoke pot.

"Never trust a man who doesn't drink."

Why not?

Its been over sven years......I do take pain meds for my neck but oth4er than that. I like being in control of myself too much. The percentage of people that get sober in AA or NA is 50%.... The percent that do it cold turkey is also 50%..... I did it cold turkey.