Soccer kicking a butt-scooting fighter?

I have been thinking about this and I voiced my thoughts in another thread also. In the fight between Werdum and Overeem we saw plenty of Werdum trying to bait Overeem into joining him on the ground, where he sat comfortably. Repeatedly Werdum would sit down and appear spent, leaning forward and exposing himself and as soon as Overeem threw a punch towards his head he would fall back and lie down.

Some cry for bringing back PRIDE rules, I am not one of those as I am perfectly happy with the unified rules of MMA, but I felt Overeem had an opportunity to do great damage with kicks in those situations. Kicks to the body of a downed fighter is legal (although stomps are not). Instead of leaning in and try to land a punch to an opponent who is obviously not willing to take it, why not just step in and land a swift kick to his stomach? A good soccer kick in the solar plexus will take plenty of wind out of a guy who is sitting down and not excactly in a good defensive position with one hand on the floor.

If your opponent is determined to be on the mat, why not kick him as much as the rules will allow?

Yeah he'd just get heelhooked. Phone Post

I think the ref should soccer kick the butt-scooting fighter. That would be awesome.

I 2 believe big john or herb would have aproach the stalling different and the fight would have been a bit nicer to watch Phone Post

 Anybody  who butt scoots deserves a swift kick in the balls.



damnit caposa beat me to it with the sato fight!!

 Overeem showed his lack of Warrior Spirit by not getting into Werdum's guard when he requested him to.

 yup help me think of more instances of this though, there has to be more im not thinking of

Kicks/knees to the head of a downed opponent means a far more entertaining fight. Less boring decisions like last night.

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Dude, seriously think about that. Picture it...the ref running over and just punting the guy in the head while he's cowering and then yelling some sort of offensive phrase lol.


It would be GOLD!

 surely reem shoulda kicked his legs more

Well, the risk of exposing a limb for submission is always there, just like when you kick somebody in the ribs.

Reem seemed fairly comfortable defending all of Werdum's attempts at shots and grabs and untangled his leg more than once. I still think he should have tried to hurt Werdum more, if you buttscoot for extended periods of time then you should at the very least expect to have your shins being bruised up by low kicks.



while chute boxe guys luvd kicking and stomping in pride, it was usually when the fighter was flat on his back. their opponents where smart enough not to sit up like royler or sato did in those gifs. Phone Post

I think Reem should have grabbed an ankle and dropped some hammers down. There were a few times late that he could have without the serious risk due to Werdum being pretty gassed.