Social & Cultural Conditioning

I recently stumbleded across a weird phenomena in my
exploration of some EC & Replication Drills . I could not put my
finger on it untill I " Examined" my CSD Tape an literally
" Re-Viewed ABC's Of Street Defense.
I think it is the effect of Cultural an Social Conditioning
on Conflict Resolution.
e.g Verbal Difuses - take on a whole new light when we see
how culture an socity affect our patterns of speach .
Can you recommend any guidelines that can make the exploration
of C&S cond. effective an safe . The result of accidently pushing
certain buttons are amazing ...... ( Cultural , Racial , Gender... )

Wow, dynamic question.

PLease elaborate with some examples of your experiences and while I will add a couple of thoughts I will also defer some typing time to a coupl eof the police officers certifed with me who are also trained in Ethics & Cultural Diversity, that should round it out....

So give us an example.



Hi benjie,

I am a police officer and have received cultral diversity training , I agree with Coach Blauer in that we probably need more specifics to properly answer your question, but to perhaps get you started I sugest this.

Stick to the basics, in just about every culture having the palms of your hands facing forward, and speaking in a calm, mid volume, semi monotone voice is recognized as being non-aggressive/non-confrontational it is viewed as submissive.

More importantly just as we are first attacked emotionaly, our efforts to difuse should start must sincerely want to reach a non violent conclusion to the incident. That should be an important part of your directive.

Your emotional sincerity has a better chance of reaching those in the CAN, WILL , and WANTS to fight category, and at the very least will be perceived by any witnesses around the incident should it go "active".

I hope this gets you started, I will be glad to help any way I can.

Stay safe!

Tony Torres
Va Beach, VA


I came to Latin America with Group of young Trinidadians .
Back Ground: Trinidad & Tobago is made of Perdomaintly Indo-African Population .(90% )
One incident is very illustrative. While working a Latino Male refered to one Trinidadian as "Negrito" ( Little Black ) . The phrase sounds a lot like Ni**er , being from a prdomaintly Black socity any none Black refering to a black persons color can produce strange results . The Trinidadian lost it ( I pretty much got hung/ frozen on the phrase too ) . No matter how we tried to de-esclate the Trini just could not calm down when we almost had the possible conflict completely de-esclated the Latino mumble " pero negrito que pasa " (losely little black what is wrong )
The Trinidadian in question again flipped reached for a large 4' Pipe wrench an threw it barly missing the Guys head .4 years later I look back knowing a few things that change the color of this tale . Negrito in Latin America is generally used like " Tex or Red or Slim " it is a term of enderment used by Husbands , Wives .....
I use this to illustrate that I am more intrigued by the affect my cultural an Social conditionig has on me than using it as a tool .It can draw you out of compliance ..or allow to tap into empathy all that other coolstuff ..Coach Blauer I only now am begining to understand the depth of the Stuff we covered an The PDR seminar in March . Some stuff runs Deep ." Raking is Drity Fighting " , "I would never hit a woman" ...........some stuff runs deep enough to get you killed .It runs deep enough to have something start off as a Drill an end up a Real Fight .
The ability to Navigate within an across your Cultural Boundries , to manipulate the ways in which you seem to relate to people determine to paraphrase Coach Blauer the Degree of Freedom , the Degree of creativity that you can bring to any conflict ......