Social experiment....check your Facebook

8-1, Trump 

Surprised, I know a lot of liberal faggots. 


Facebook has Myspace’d. 

6 Trump

5 Biden 

In California. I was expecting more Biden .

Trump 38

Biden 4

But yet all of the polls (polls schmolls, i know) say Biden holds leads everywhere. Once again the media trying to manipulate an election. Not Russia.....our own media. 

5 like Biden and 8 like Trump

Trump - 371

Biden - 10

14 Trump

3 Biden

What pisses me off about Facebook is you have multiple  gendersf options for yourself, but can only interested in men or women.

Fucking fascists lol


Trump 47

Biden 2

I have 493 “friends”

47 Trump

3 Biden

609 friends

15 Trump- 0 Biden

WikiTheWalrus -

You put too much into Facebook. 

You shut your whore mouth!


Sorry...that's just the anger talking.

I haven't had any maple syrup or back bacon today.

...did I mention I am a big deal on teh Facebook?

I am.

Alright, then; it’s settled: Our next president will be Ariana Grande.

I guess this proves people love their echo chambers. Sweet

15 Trump 0 Biden

BarkLikeADog - Alright, then; it's settled: Our next president will be Ariana Grande.


At this point, would that be a bad thing?


Trump: 65 

Biden: 5

Canadian here who has yanky friends / family:

Trump: 16

Biden: 1

49 to 7 trump