Social media censorship: How SJWs ruined FB


Facebook use to be college kids only , you HAD to have a .edu email when I joined in like 05?

Just pictures of parties and bars etc and picture tagging. Now it’s filled with your grandma and dad and Memes.

I can’t think of too many platforms that have 180d so hard.

Thank you. It is car related. People need a place to be able to interact like we do here there as best as can be. It went from years of being able to argue basically whatever to telling someone they are stupid is cyberbullying worth a 30 day suspension.

I have back up groups and I have multiple other groups about cars too but this one was where people came to talk shit to each other. It is an outlet that a lot need. I have a bunch of people whom I don’t know send me messages how bummed they are because they go into every group and admins act like they run a country and have to deal with control freak egos on top of platform censorship. All of how I do this is based on the OG to be honest, thank you for this. We all appreciate the ability to be free as possible and sadly that is getting less acceptable everywhere we look.