Social media norad coming / right wing violence !

Saw the other thread on the violence at protests. Supposedly coming from right wing groups !
So we all know that’s bullshit right ...

Watching Cspan public affairs events.

A panel of “experts” talking about peaceful protests but a toxic stew that is radicalizing people online thru memes ! Examples bringing up El Paso , attacks on Jews & muslims

These females on the panel saying it’s All from violent right wing groups ! from the proud boys & boogalo groups. The white supremacy groups are targeting BLM !

They are acting like these 2 idiot women are the experts jj macnab George Washington university (extremis program fellow
Heidi beirich / global project against hate & extremism

Different people asking this panel ? Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is really amping up the bullshit
67% of America supports BLM ! Is this real ...

I haven’t heard them ? BLM or call out antifa

This is dangerous & crazy talk !

Sheila Jackson Lee keeps talking about 2018 white supremacy terrorism !

The boogaloos are the #1 boogie man I guess
Proud boys are #2

Haven’t heard any other groups mentioned ! Memes are a way they are creating Chaos

They mentioned ACAB = all cops are bastards
Now it’s morphed into something about bacon & encouraging fire bombing police cars !

Subcommittee on intelligence & counterterrorism / I suggest you guys watch this shit !
Might be illegal to post memes soon ! No shit !

No comments ... ? Really

Anyway BLM is a movement. “BLM is a civil rights movement !” It’s untouchable now. 67% of Americans support it !

No one on this panel ? BLM Not even if it had a radical element. It’s righteous it’s civil rights
The group Wasn’t mentioned or bad mouthed it in anyway ! Politicians are scared to even mention it unless it’s in a positive light ! Any future protests , the violence will not be from BLM But likely the boogaloos

Groups who oppose statues getting torn down are right wing groups influenced by boogaloos & or proud boys or 3% groups ! Citizens who pull guns on peaceful protestors (st Louis ) are confused !

Video is online on cspan site (I tried to post the link ). But goto

JULY 16, 2020
House Hearing on Countering Domestic Extremist Groups
The House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Intelligence and Counterterrorism held a virtual hearing to examine domestic extremist groups

SpunQ - 

She’s a complete idiot ! Disgusting person !

I've said before that BLM is a huge scam with a smart name choice. No politician will come out as the one that is against Black Lives Matter. Expect every bullshit group to adopt a similar name in the hope of being untouchable.

women watch the view and think all of them are "experts" on issues when none of them are


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