SOCOM 2 questions.......

Hey I was just wondering if anybody could tell me if you lose or gain points from the kinds of guns that you use in the game?

I heard that your rank will go higher if you use the M16 alot and will go down if you use the M203 grenade laucher. you go higher if you use guns that are harder to use and go down if you use ons that are easy.

Anybody know if this is true?

i dont think so, but rank really dosnt mean shit on that game.

the important thing is if you want to keep your rank up, dont play ensighnsand other lower ranked ppl, play in lt.comander, captian, and other rooms with the same rank ppl.

look me up

WEST4 clan "inU"


we are now ranked 19 out of 1500!!!!!



forgot to check back.shiet..

cool.. my socom name is,


you have your wings? I'm still L.C

Dominant PS2 exclusive.

usually got wings, sometimes i loose them but get them back

did u get my invite?