“soft opening” for business /Restaurant

What a beta cuck thing to do. Go big or go home.

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funny angle!

I had a sportsbar in 2003, and did a soft opening strictly to thank people that helped me get it going and staff.


What a bitch move

Go all in from day 1
No apologies

Your mother should apologize for not aborting you.


An abortion is a hard closing, not soft opening bro

hard closing in a soft opening


It seems like a smart and considerate way to iron out any wrinkles in your business before charging people to correct them. Otherwise, you get assholes that complain online like little girls that the staff seemed unprepared and their vodka spritzer took too long to get to their table.

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It’s a bitch made move by owners who don’t have confidence in their own product

You have a bitchy attitude today, my friend. Maybe you need all 3 of your soft openings worked on?

It’s just a sign of weakness from day one from the business owner. What kind of message does it send to your team? “I have zero confidence in the product and in you, such that I will only open for our closest friends who will say everything is great”

No wonder so many businesses fail

It doesn’t matter what their friends say. An owner smart enough to pay money to see what works and doesn’t work, will be smart enough to see their short comings and correct them before charging paying customers.
If your team can’t handle it, they can go work at Starbucks with the rest of the sensitive little girls.

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Why wouldn’t you want a test run instead of fucking up a heavily promoted grand opening?

If you need to do a test run then your product sucks.

Don’t open a business if you don’t have the guts to go big. Soft opening is a cunt move for betas who are too afraid to commit 100% on their product. And horrible for morale cause you’re telling your whole team you have no confidence in them.

Nothing better in this world than a soft, supple opening.

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Thought this thread would be about OP’s vagina.


Soft from the constant pounding…

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