Softening punches - waste of energy or effective

Whats the deal?I wonder whether they are a waste of energy. Especially from half guard. I see lots of baby body shots and think they are just throwing them to look busy but are they worth anything?

Look busy, get points.

They can mess with your breathing and open you up for bigger shots Phone Post 3.0

Some times you through punches just to get a reaction out of a opponent or to get them to move it isn't always bout doing damage Phone Post 3.0

catches eye of judges, stops ref from standing you up. Pretty essential really

Someone call Greg Jackson. He needs to read this thread. Phone Post 3.0

Slow, slow, quick, quick.
Soft, soft, strong, strong.

They are effective if used effectively. Phone Post 3.0

Calling Mario Sperry.... Phone Post 3.0

Being stuck on the bottom while being hit by pitter patter punches is disconcerting especially when they mix in stronger ones with the weak punches they also slowly spa your cardio or draw your hands down to open you up for heavier shots