Softmod an Xbox

I just got an xbox for cheap from one of my friends, and want to softmod it. I dont care about playing online with it, I dont really even care about playing all that many games on it. I want to use it as a multimedia center, and play movies from my desktop computer through my network.

Ive been searching xbox-scene and looking around for hours... and still dont have a clue where to start. I just need someone to tell me, "Go here, burn this to a cd and let it run and do its thing". I know it wont be that easy, but I need some help.

you need the original mechassuault game or 007,

You can also use Splinter Cell. I picked up a copy for like $8 including shipping on Ebay, got lucky, just for softmod purposes.

this works with all NTSC xboxes and you don't need a memcard/games. its what I used on mine and it works great... the timing of the swap as they discribed didn't work for me, so if you're going to do this ask me exactly how i did it.

Almost there...

I have MXM running on my xbox when I do the 007 explot. I also have Xbox Media Center running as an application. I rented the 007 game... how do I set either XMC or XBMC as the default Dash?

Ferox, you dont need to solder anything. But... you cant use Xbox Live. I dont care about xbox live, I want to be able to watch movies on my TV through my network.

ferox - basically you find a way of switching files on the HD. there are a couple of ways that people use. either the savegame method, which is cool because you don't need to open the xbox, or the hotswap method, which is cool because you don't need a retail game or memcard.

after that, you replace some of the font files with hacked ones and replace some other executables. you only need to do all this crap once.

in any case from then on you can run whatever you want. if you are planning to swap HDs, you're going to open your case anyways, in which case i strongly recommend using the UDE package with xboxhdm like the tutorial at the link i posted. the reason being it is an automated process and backs up your C and installs everything in the right place. you just need to select a few options.

oh shit, i just remembered you are in europe and i think the hotswap UDE package only works on ntsc...

I got mine working the way I wanted it late last night.

Ferox, email me and I can help you out on places that were a major help to me.

So you can use your xbox to watch movies or whatever you downloaded on your TV? DO you have to copy them to your xbox first, or can you play them across the network?

cool stuff. do you need to hook up your computer to xbox using rca's or s-video? i dont get how you can watch movies on it

you can stream divx/xvid or whatever over the network using windows file sharing and xbox media center.

i bought mine just before x-mas and it worked

armbreaker... do you have a link to that?