Software for a forum like this?

So I love this forum - I really like the layout and functionality better than most others I've seen. I know theoretically Frames aren't very cool in web design, but I think they're used very well here.

I'm wondering if this forum is built on a commercial software package, or if this type of software can be purchased and customized.

any info would be appreciated.

This is the best forum I've ever used. I was under the impression that it was custom, but I don't know. I've never seen commercial software as good as this.

I've heard others with the same sentiment. Assuming it's custom built, how hard would it be for Kirik (or whoever is the mastermind behind the UG/OG technology) to make it portable and put it on the market?

From a usability standpoint I love it, but there are a lot of security problems. Also seems fairly unstable/buggy.

I'm pretty sure this is a custom buiilt forum. I think Gabe is the name of
the guy who designed it.

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