Sok has no heart

I was really rooting for him too. He breaks and quits.

Agreed. He's a one round fighter.

He was looking good in the first round. Guess he left it all there.

He's also likes to hit people after the fight is over, and I'd love to see someone pay him back for it one day.

 Soko won the first round and then quit. 

 Once he gets out of the first round he is spent.

Too much muscle to keep that pace, imo.

when has he ever looked fresh or good in a 2nd round? he goes all out in the 1st and completely falls apart after if the fight continues.

 Like in all his fights, he is hopeless on his back.

Fuck. I love watching him fight...that is until he ends up quiting.

He has some good standup and great judo, but he looked like a fish out of water in his guard and had absolutely no idea what to do.

Is this a problem endemic to team Quest? Perhaps they need to train the guard a little more so they don't get tko'd by grazing punches when the fight ends up there.

maybe those Arona and little nog ko's fucked him up

no heart. He fought scared and gave up.

Sok needs a change in training for sure. even the greatest trainers in the world arent for everyone. He also needs some sports psych to figure out why he quits. seems like a nice dude (despite the punching after the bell crap hes been doing) and hes hella gifted.

Soko comes out way too tense and hyper...he is soo explosive and strong but he relies on that too much..what was up with that takedown attempt on mousasi and then he gave it up

mousasi is a bad dude but Soko is always fun to watch..ya just have to match him up better...