Sok Wants Page Hints At Next Fight

Soko needs to fight soon!!! Hook him up.

Someone started this Sokoudjou vs. Bonnar rumor. Some Breen person? I don't know. To me he said....

"RS- He's a pretty good striker, and I'm looking forward to facing him in a near future."

He makes it sound like there are already plans for it. That would be a badass undercard fight for that Dec. 29th show. Its suppose to be a supershow but i don't see it, but this would definitely help.

TTT for Sokoudjou vs. Houston

I heard African Judo is fighting Bonnar...I shit you not.

Nope, it's Sokoudjou vs. Machida at UFC 79 in Vegas! Damn should be good. That's a hard ass fight to pick right now.

LOL feed Tito to Sok? Yikes.

That actually doesn't sound all that crazy. lol I could see the UFC putting him with Tito to legitimize Sokoudjou's status as a title contender. That along with the nice Pride tapes they have of him, should be enough to convince people he's a threat to Rampage. That's IF he beats Tito convincingly.

i'd like to see sudoku tested in a fight that goes at least an entire round. he could be unbeatable, or yet another pride washout. i'd also like to see him beat a piss test.

Please do not use "Page" thats the fucking gayest nickname for a nickname...