Sokoudjou KTFO of Arona

Damn. Bad to the bone.

Sour grapes about an early stoppage because it would have become a beheading.

ricardo Arona vs Sokoudjou pride 34
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nice...his athletisim is amazing, mobile and explosive.....very dangerous!


Gardner trains with Henderson and Sokoudjou now at Team Quest in socal. He said when those two train together it is like WW-III.

Rulon Gardner?

why does he still train?

you just know BTT is going to keep throwing guys at him until they get the W...


Could be but he sure looks to have the tools to take on anybody. Damn, his kicks to the legs look like they could crush bone and he explodes into his attacks.

big-O... I think he is going to take out everybody at BTT all on his own, and I am going to sit back and enjoy watching it happen.


You know who matches up great with him? Rhadi.

I betcha if Rhadi were to fight him mma he might beat him.

I think Rhadi's combo of explosive hydraulics, judo and bjj experience would give him fits IMHO. I'm basing this on how Rhadi looked in the Olympics vs. that Korean.

Thats a good point about Rhadi. It would be a good fight.

yea... but, Rhadi has no interest in getting involved in an MMA fight. he has had the offers and he has turned them all down to this point.

often fights come down to sheer desire. if somebody is in a fight for a paycheck and not becuase they love it then they are going to lose, and maybe lose badly.

Sokoudjou is a beast!


Yeah buddy I realize that.

A good action fight ala Ali/Frazier I, Hearns/Hagler, Quarry/Frazier I (first round), etc. would be Belfort and Sokoudjou.

I think Sokoudjou would take him down and control the fight...

How about Sokoudjou vs. Shogun? I see sparks flying.

Could Rhadi make 93 kg though? I know he said that he didn't really cut when he did judo (at 100kg), but still...

the thing with grapplers (be they awesome grapplers like Rhadi, etc.) is that you never know how their chin would hold up.

Now, with strikers, you never know if they'll get how to defend the takedown...

it's what makes Fedor (great chin) and CroCop (great sprawl) so special...

Sokoudjou seems to have a great single leg defence, decent chin (even in his TKO loss he took some blows and wasn't out cold), and heavy heavy hands. I just wonder if his chin would hold up to Liddell? I guess it only has to if he can't take Liddell down though...

go Sokou!

actually, i think rhadi is somewhat interested in fighting mma. in one of his blogs he wrote that he got offered to fight in pride 34 and wanted to accept, but he turned it down due to the advice of his wife. in his blog, it seemed as though he was pretty close to signing on the dotted line though.

i think rhadi would do well in mma if his body can take the grind. its taxing enough to compete in olympic judo. i dont understand how guys like yoshida, takimoto, etc can comeback after long careers in judo and stay healthy enough to fight mma. its ridiculous.

well, I think one thing is that Takimoto, Yoshida, etc. don't necessarily train to be the best MMAer in the world...they just train to win some fights and make mad money ;o)

Rhadi, based on his posts at least, seems to do everything at 100% (or not at all, kinda binary), so it might be a bit different...

(ie. did Yoshida ever train Muay Thai with a real camp in order to prepare for Silva's clinch, did he factor in Silva's BJJ black belt during the rematch and train guard passes...or did he just get in good shape, train hard with familiar coaches, and promote his sponsors?)

Rhadi would do great.

Nice single leg defence.


Yeah man that Shogun is a freaky, free spirited, unconventional badass, aye?