Sokoudjou vs. Ricardo Aron (VID)

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Great fight.

Sokoudjou is super nice and a great fighter.


How did Sokoudjou look on the ground when you visited Team Quest?

Do you think he'll be able to hang on the ground (if someone can ever get him there)?

I just looked up Sokoudjou's age.....he's only 23. According to wikipedia, he's only 23. The guy's built like a truck. The sky's the limit for him

He looks great.

Will be champ in the near future!

I don't think it's possible to get tired of watching Arona get beat up. It's the only hope he has of an exciting highlight reel.

Though I'd like to see Arona fight when he's not suffering from the Plague/Cancer/Gout or not accidentally hitting his head against something that knocks him unconscious...

1 of my favorite fights ever