Sold by R$200

know that many people here read about the crime war that took place in São Paulo last weekend.

They found out that the origin for the generalized rebellion at the state was due the transference of some hundreds of the most dangerous criminals of the state to one prison of high security, trying to brake the organized crime contacts with the external world.

It was a congressmen commission that received the intelligence's information about a possible rebellion at mother's day. When they saw that there were lawyers, defendants of many crime leaders, watching the works of the commission at the congress, they decided to continue the session with the doors closed for the public.

But, as every session of the congress must be recorded, there were, besides the ten congressmen in the room, the operator of the record player, who is not a public employee, but hired by third part contract.

He sold the record of the session to one of the lawyers for R$200.

whats the conversion of reales to US dollars?

1 Dollar=2.33 reales