Sold libtard lb of roadkill, told him it was liver

So this libtard comes in my store, mouthing off about nra this, trump that, assault rifle this, russian collusion that. that was my queue. he ordered a pound of beef liver. i went over to my roadkill bin, that i save especially for libtards. i gave him the bottom of the barral shit. including the stuff dogs had shit and pissed on and other animals had chewed up and spit out. this tard had some shit eating grin when i gave it to him, talking about how he was going to eat it all in one setting and how about how it would take his mind off the bullies on the internet that were giving him anxiety.

anyways, never heard from him. i doubt he actually ate it. no one would be stupid enough to actually think it was liver once they opened the package and smelled it or looked at it. no one. but at least i ripped this tard off.

i know, cool starry bra. :)


You know he loved that shit. Gnashing on it with his mouth open spitting chunks on his phone.

Youre no better than them now. good job.

Don't you eat your own cum OP?

Lol i I want to believe

Spin all bans. 

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Don't you eat your own cum OP?

Not relevant to thread, sorry.

I didn't know Burger King sold liver